Picnic Essentials



      Picnic Essentials for a Date

      What an incredible opportunity to get to know someone or take time with those you love so dearly. When it comes to planning you have a variety of options. Think about what it is you want to do. Some may go for a day hike through the Smokey Mountains, while others just want to lounge under the sun in a nice park. Maybe a trip to the beach is in your cards. Once you know what you want to do and where, that is going to help you choose the perfect setup.

      Ultimate Picnic list & Picnic Items

      Be ready to pack all of your favorites. We of course start with a basket, blanket, and a nice bottle of wine. You have got to consider the food you want and that will help determine the cutlery you need. Consider napkins, water, sun cream, bug repellents, and maybe a small cooler (if your basket is not insulated).

      Picnic Basket Essentials

      If you are looking for a basket you must consider how much you want to bring. If it is just a simple wine date, a single or double wine tote may be enough. Making a day of it? Our insulated cooler bags are perfect to keep your items chilled. Nothing beats the classics for look and feel... That's where wicker is best!

      27 products

      27 products