Picnic Baskets



      Picnics are In! This is the place to find all of your romantic picnic ideas. We have partnered with trusted brands to bring quality wicker and canvas baskets for any occasion. Here is our top 5 recommendations for this summer.

      1) The Park Picnic - Call all of your closest friends for a sit down in the park. Lay out your blanket, pull out a bottle of wine, serve your snacks and lunch. This is a great way to keep some distance, socialize, and enjoy the summer weather.

      2) The Romantic Escape - Treat your special someone to a one on one escape to a quiet and rustic location, coastal retreat, or small hike to a local waterfall. The opportunities are endless and you deserve time together away from the daily grind. Unravel and share some heart felt moments with a service for two picnic set.

      3) Backyard BBQ - The smoker or grill is going, and the food is marinated. Often one person stands at the helm of the cook while others gather inside. Why not make the backyard the stage for an outstanding afternoon. Picnic... meet backyard!

      4) Sunrise Mimosa's - Getting up early may not sound exciting, but plan right and you might be surprised. Lovely fresh bagels from the local deli, pulpy orange juice, and a bottle of bubbly will make the morning sunrise a peaceful start to the weekend. Heck... I'll even go it alone!

      5) Lakefront Retreat - Maybe it's your place, maybe an AirBnB? Go beyond the screen doors and out to the docks. Cast some rods, or dip your feet in the cool water. This is the start of something good. Pop open you basket full of delights and enjoy the beauty and comfort of a waterfront relaxation.

      7 products

      7 products