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What better way to spend your summer days with family and friends than with a nice outdoor event loaded with competition and banter. Did uncle Stew bring his “A” game? Find out with giant outdoor games. We don’t just sell oversized games; we provide you with the means to play. 

Giant Wooden Yard Dice

The opportunities are endless. Play Yardzee or any other dice game you can imagine. Standing the test of time, dice have been around for centuries. A versatile choice with a wide variety of games even when used on their own. Some of our favorites are Bunco, Farkle, & Left, Right, Center. 

Giant Yard Pong

Take to the classic beer pong game, yard pong can be played anywhere. Learn the rules here, but don’t forget to ask about house rules! This can be kid friendly or edited for adult entertainment. Follow the basic rules or create your own with the ultimate outdoor game.


The exact origin of the yard game Kubb is unknown. But it was first created by the Vikings. It has been in existence for more than a thousand years. Also, it has changed very little with time and culture. Kubb was first played in Sweden around 1000 AD. Some historians believe that as many as 65 million people today enjoy this timeless activity as part of their new weekend hobby! The earliest historical accounts date the sport around the 12th century. Today, Kubb is popular with people across the United States and Europe, and some parts of Asia. Millions of people play this fun lawn game every year! Learn the rules of KUBB.

Giant 4 Connect

Not much to explain here. Alternate turns placing one piece on the board. First to connect all 4 colors is the winner. This is a great game for the kids, or can be quite entertaining when Aunt Vivian finishes a few beverages.

Ladder Toss Game

Ladder Toss is a relatively new and fun outdoor game that comes out of the campgrounds of America. It is also known by a wide variety of other names: blongo balls, ladder ball, ladder golf, bolo toss, bolo golf, redneck golf, bolo ball, and probably a hundred others. Learn to play ladder golf.

Large outdoor games for adults

We're all still kids at heart and we just want to have fun. Pro-Direct collection of giant outdoor yard games is a collaboration of entertainment for the whole family. Learn the games you may not have tried before and prepare for a terrific day!

Giant games for outside

It's about getting out and enjoying the nice summer weather. Take a break and head out to the back yard, or carry it along on your next glamping trip. Giant Tumbling Towers, Bean Bag Toss, Four in a Row, or KUBB. All of this games are a sure hit.

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