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      If you have been looking for cute picnic ideas, then you have come to the right place. We have an extensive picnic collection that is perfect for next outdoor adventure. We are proud to showcase our wicker & canvas designs in the form of totes, baskets and backpacks. When it comes to planning the perfect date or treating the family to a day in the park, you will love our beautifully crafted collection.

      Interested in our blogs? Check them out for top picnic ideas, how to guides, and even stories of our own and those of our friends, visitors, and customers. Pro-Direct blogs provide that added level of class to accompanying great product with inspiring content. Guest posts are welcome if they fit our brand and promote entertainment solutions both indoors and outdoors.

      Top 5 Cute Picnic Ideas

      The Beach Picnic- Outfitted with the coronado canvas tote, this is a sandy, sunny, & breezy outing with a mini cornhole board backed by some crashing waves on the shoreline. Grab your friends, a large beach blanket, & start filling your growler to the brim with your favorite local craft beer. Don't forget the sunscreen and single bottle wine chiller bag!

      The Hiking Excursion- The bare essentials as you hike your favorite trails, mountains, or local foot paths. Strap up with a cooler backpack or an on-the-go roll top cooler bag. Break a sweat finding some outstanding views, to finally crack that cold one and appreciate natures beauty.

      Parks & Recreation- Zip on over to the local park and make sure you consider the walk required to set up. Unfold your trusty utility wagon and start loading it up with your topanga cooler (containing your beverage of choice), a 3-bottle wine & cheese tote, your portable caliente grill (don't forget the bottle opening grill scraper), & a few giant outdoor games. This is an all day event if we have any say in it. Got the kids? Once you unload, the wagon rides begin!

      Backyard BBQ- Do we have to say more? Sometimes we just want to stay home and enjoy the day from our own backyard. With everything accessible from home you only need the games and the apron to start owning the grill! Oh and in case you need to pull some weeds before you start, grab yourself the essential gardening tool kit with fold out seat.

      All Aboard- Okay, this is not for everyone, but... If you have a local train station, have you ever considered packing up the goods and heading out by locomotive? Drinks and snacks on the train, wander the town where you stop, and repeat! I love hop on, hop off picnics!

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