What is Pro-Direct? Products, Services, & Entertainment

This is a family run business with a passion not only for the products we sell, but the experiences our entertainment collections offer. Anything we write about is inspired by our own experiences and interests. We hope to offer insight into who we are, while encouraging our customers and visitors towards building upon family, friends, and relationships.

ACCEPTING GUEST POSTS If you are inspired to share your stories and experiences, please feel free to message us at support@pro-direct-llc.com.

Cute Picnic Ideas

A place to not only share our top picnic ideas, and/or recommendations, but also promote the voice of our customers. If you have ideas or insights you would like to share, please feel free to reach out and provide us with the content you wish to share. We are happy to offer guest posts as long as it fits our niche and promotes healthy relationship building activities and opportunities. Don’t forget the wine!

Home Brew Enthusiasts

Looking for gifts for the beer lover or home brew master? We have some unique barware ideas that offer fun and resourceful options for your man-cave or she-shed. From growlers to flights and even taps... Check out our collection or let us know about how our product line has improved your home brew needs. Want to give a tutorial to help inspire those who might be interested in starting out? We would love to see and maybe even promote your brew process!

Our Grazing Community

Our following on social media has been growing thanks to our grazing community of friends and partners. We have collaborated with some of the top Instagram grazing and charcuterie board designers, where they have showcased their art with some of our product. Looking for some inspiration from the top grazing professionals on Instagram? Here are a few of our favorites:


Grazin Boards by NobleGraze


Charcuterie Boards by GrazinThroughLife


Grazing Boards by AdoredBoards

Check out their incredible designs, tutorials, and offers (maybe even some giveaways). You might see a few examples that will inspire you to create your own!

Pro-Direct LLC

Our growth is inspired by you. We hope to continue expanding our product line and offering valuable content that is focused on building relationships and keeping our social game strong. The past year has been tough for many and devastating for others . In the spirit of finding joy and moving forward, we will continue to seek opportunities and ideas that will inspire you to get out, seek happiness, and maybe even learn a new hobby or skill. 

Our Picnic Time Partners

We partnered with Picnic Time because we appreciate the quality that this family of brands offers. In addition we love their story of overcoming adversity, being driven towards excellence, and passion towards bringing European style picnics to the USA community. 

Picnic, Barware, Charcuterie/Grazing, & More...

While we put a main focus on picnics to start, we think of ourselves as more of an entertainment inspired venue. As we continue to grow, we will be looking for new ways to showcase indoor and outdoor entertainment products, ideas, and stories that will encourage our followers to find ways to spend more time with family, friends, and relationships. Hard work is a necessity to have the means to a healthy lifestyle, but what are we doing it for? Do not forget the key moments in life to take care of yourself. For some that is a quiet walk in the park, a sit down with a good book, and maybe a glass of wine. Others need social outlets with fun outdoor games, banter amongst friends, and the ability to get loud for now particular reason. Gift yourself, phone a friend, and just do this summer!