How to Play KUBB Game

How to set up Kubb game?

To play Kubb, you’ll need a playing field that is 50 feet long and 30 feet wide. The length must be a minimum of triple the width.

Verify that the area is free of rocks and hindrances. But don’t worry about rolling it–you can mow your lawn.

You will also need an undisturbed flat surface as a target for pitching wooden blocks (usually hardwood made).

If you don’t have an official target, you can also pitch at any even object, such as plastic garbage cans or recycling bins!

Before starting your first game, we suggest marking out boundaries with some rope or cones.

To set up the field, first, you mark two end zones that are four meters long. Then place six Kubbs evenly spaced along each side halfway down the playing area. These will be your ‘home’ KubbsIn the middle of your playground, place the four ‘basic’ Kubbs evenly apart.

In addition to those placed along the side of the field, you should have two more Kubbs identified near one end zone as a target for when a team is throwing their batons. Get your KUBB game here.

How do you setup a match of Kubb lawn game?

Each player should have six batons at their when it is time to pitch.

Drawing cards will determine teams–the player with the highest number goes first, and play moves to your right. Each player throws one card at a time until all 6 are played.

You can choose to do a match best out of three for a shorter game or five for a longer one! You’ll want to mark down scores somewhere as you go along–a pad of paper works nicely.

Some strategies that people use are to protect the king by surrounding it with their Kubbs. Then, they need to knock over as many blocks as possible from afar before moving closer. Or they should try to aim the batons underhand so they don’t roll too far away after being pitched.

It’s much easier to knock down an opponent’s block(s) if you hit it from behind!

Try to stand with the sun at your back if possible, so you have a clear view of where everything is. You may play in an area where sunlight doesn’t help much. Then, ask for assistance if needed–better safe than sorry!

How to play the Kubb game?

You can play the country Kubb game following the below instructions. Therefore, it is effortless to learn and play.

First Step

After selecting teams, decide which side of the playing field each team will be on. Then, mark it with a line.

Each team stands in their own half of the field behind their lines. No team can cross onto the opposite side before play begins (if you’re in doubt, use a coin flip).

The goal is to throw wooden blocks (Kubbs) at your opponent’s Kubbs until they fall over to win.

You can also knock down your opponent’s block(s) if that brings all of them down–it doesn’t matter how many you knockdown to win! However, throwing at the target is much easier!

Second Step

Pitch one Kubb at a time.

The first team begins by pitching the single white Kubb at their target/Kubbs (the “king”).

Once the king is down, teams take turns pitching six batons each–three of your opponent’s Kubbs must be taken down before you can win!

You cannot use two hands to throw. But if you are injured or missing an arm, you may use any means possible to pitch with one hand.

Third Step

Throw underhand only.

You may not lift your baton above shoulder height when throwing. Throwing the baton overhead results in immediate disqualification!

It’s also considered bad form to step more than 6 feet forward when pitching. Even if you do so, your turn is automatically forfeited and doesn’t count toward your six pitches!

Getting a Kubb, the opposing team can send it back. Any teammates of the player who threw it initially must remain in place until they release the Kubb.

If you hit somebody with a thrown Kubb while playing, take them out of play by placing their baton to one side on your side of the pitch. They can’t play anymore.

Suppose you are unable to complete all six pitches before running out of batons or time. Your score will be tallied according to how many you have left at the end!

Anybody has taken down more blocks when all eight rounds is completed as the winner.

What are the Kubb game rules?

Are you looking for a Kubb strategy? The solution is here:

The game is always played between two or more teams with up to 6 players on each team.

There are special rules for playing with 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games.

Kubb Game Rules

For a standard 1v1 game, however, it’s very straightforward:

Each player receives 5 Kubbs in their half early in the game. They throw all their batons to get rid of one opponent’s block plus five Kubbs over the line into their half (some rules say only three).

If you hit an opponent instead, they are out that round. Or you may place one of their blocks in your square).

Each player then throws all five of their remaining batons and gets rid of an opponent’s block plus any Kubbs that were knocked out.

The players throw all ten pieces in this round, although some games may allow a pitch-back.

The play continues like this, with the winner being the first to get rid of all 10 Kubbs. They may be left standing after each round.

How do I win the Kubb outdoor game?

If you knock down all eight of your opponent’s Kubbs, you win!

You hit the king before knocking down all your opponent’s Kubbs. Then, they are not counted in this case.

Kubb is an excellent game for all ages and skill levels. It can be either slow or quick, depending on how hard you are trying to play.

It gives everyone a chance to exercise that competitive spirit while working together as a team against another group.

Kubb is very simple. But it is also surprisingly challenging when playing multiple rounds with one another over two different halves of the field!

How do you learn the Kubb game?

There are various strategies you can play depending on how many players there are. For example: Let’s assume you have enough people to have two teams playing together. Then, 2v2s can use ‘double diagonal,’ which is a more complex strategy.

Kubb is very easy to learn, but it can be played with complex strategies. Playing Kubb will take around 20 minutes for two teams or 40 minutes if you are playing 2v2.

As you learn to play the Kubb game, it is important to know the safety rules.

First and foremost, watch where you always stand! Players should not stand behind the throwing line. You should also not stand within one meter from a player who is about to throw a Kubb.

The following rule is that once a Kubb has been thrown, players cannot touch it until it hits the ground. If a player touches a Kubb while someone else is throwing, that Kubb must be placed back in the square where it was touched.

The last safety rule is that players must not touch another player’s Kubbs. If a player touches one of these without permission, their team must put this Kubb back on top of the stack.

Types of Kubb Game

These are the most important safety rules to remember when playing the Kubb game. More Kubb game types are there to play for fun instead of as part of tournaments:

King’s Cup

Instead of throwing all ten pieces per round, each time you throw, you must drink from your King’s Cup (a cup filled with beer or some other alcoholic drink).

Pole Henge

After a team or player hits any piece, they must run to a pole set up in the middle of the field. Also, they must touch it without falling over.

Monkey in the Middle

The players form a circle around a person referred to as ‘It’. They throw Kubbs at other players while avoiding being hit themselves. If they are hit, then they become ‘it’ and so on.

Once you’ve learned how to play the Kubb game, nothing is stopping you from getting out onto your lawn with family or friends.

You could even host an outdoor party where everyone brings their equipment along to enjoy the fun of playing Kubb!


Now that you know how to play the Kubb game go out there and share your knowledge with others! Get fun playing this excellent outdoor game with friends and family. You may look for the best Kubb game set online.