How to Plan for a Picnic Date

Heart Picnic Basket for a Date - Wicker Set for 2
You have been thinking outside of the box and arrived here looking for that ideal picnic. Nothing says romance like a nicely planned day out with a bottle of wine (sparkling or non) and some delicious snacks to graze on. Worried you might forget something as you venture off to impress? Don't worry, keep reading and a great picnic awaits! 
The Picnic Basket - If you are looking to wow on valentines day you have likely drawn yourself to the heart shaped basket crafted with woven willow and contains all of the essentials to get you started. Love is in the air, and on the blanket with this beautiful set. Don't worry though... if you love the wicker design and want to maintain the classic look, our picnic sets for 2 will not disappoint. 
The Picnic Blanket - Our picnic blanket collection is coming soon, but in the meantime just know that this is something that will elevate your outdoor event. Think sleek and cute as you search for the blanket that will augment your date. We will soon be launching a line up of fold away and easy to clean blankets. It is crucial for an outdoor setting.
Coolers or Cooler Packs - We have options to meet your needs. Are you wanting to get the one stop setup? You have to check out this cooler backpack picnic set by Picnic Time. Stow away your cold beverages and still have room for plates, cups, and utensils (That are all included!). Planning a day trip with some small grazing snacks? The country wine tote is perfect for a couple bottles, a nice French bread, and some cheese and meats to boot. Our cute picnic ideas collection should help you find the ideal tote, basket, or backpack for your event.
Games - Full size outdoor game sets and mini bean bag toss. We know that you may be looking for that intimate setting and really getting to know each other, but sometimes a bit of friendly competition and a few laughs can elevate a day out. Our outdoor entertaining collections offer grills, games, coolers, & more. Never underestimate a bit of banter and maybe a few cheeky bets :).
Food & Drink - What is a picnic without food and drinks. Check out some of our other blogs for recipes & ideas. Think about bringing water, a few choice beverages, fruit, veg, and pending you or your partners diet... some nice meats and cheeses always accompany well with some crackers. Often simple and easy to clean food choices make for the best picnic.
Other Essentials - Don't forget to plan ahead based on the location, clean-up requirements, potential pest control, and sun protection. Here is a list of suggested considerations before you venture off for the day.
Clean Up:
Trash Bags
Paper Towels
Zip Lock (Storage bags)
Sun Block
Pest Repellent
UV Umbrella
First Aid Kit
First Date? Notify a friend or family member of where you are going.