How to Build a Grazing Board

It’s no secret that social media is booming with amazing artistic displays from the grazing and charcuterie professionals. Many of the techniques they use are offered in video tutorials and for the most part the community is incredibly supportive of each others unique styles. The best way to get into the craze is to just do. The techniques and artistic flair will develop with practice. Be bold and willing to share your creations, while also gratefully accepting feedback and tips. The number one rule to building your first grazing boards is avoid discouragement and just do!


savory and sweet grazing board collection - Charcuterie tray how to example

NobleGraze a top grazing influencer on Instagram beautifully masters the ranges of simple sweet to complex savory. Their balance is always of delightful color with the right flavors melding in perfect harmony. Think about the flavor profiles you love and then balance the colors that will intertwine within the display. No need to overdue or clutter your masterpiece, just trust your senses and create.

Pro-Direct has been featured on a few posts with our appetizer wine plates and brie sliding board and tools set. We are proud to serve our grazing community with high quality tools and trays that are sure to elevate your next event.


Seasonal Grazing board for fourth of July and holiday celebration ideas

The no boundary approach of Grazinthroughlife shows us that imagination is the forefront of creation. Is there a time of year that speaks to you? Maybe fall colors, the smell of the holiday seasons, or even the taste of summer BBQ’s during the summer bank holidays. The only limit is you. Take a nice pumpkin spice theme and see what you can meld together for a cute and easy display with that holds a touch of pure grace. If you are looking for a tiered approach you may consider the three tiered serving ladder.


Special event charcuterie tray - Meats, Cheeses, fruits, and vegetables

Do you have the opportunity to celebrate someone or something? Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just because… doing something special encourages creativity. Next time you go wandering the isles for the perfect gift, think about the possibility of showing your love through incredible flavor profiles that speak to the heart. GrazefullyGourmet has a knack for the special occasion grazing and charcuterie boards. Capturing picturesque talent with in large displays. We said before, you do not have to go big… but, if you think you are ready… Give it a shot! Let’s face the facts, if the food is good and the setting is right, you are sure to present a hit.


The meal board - Charcuterie and grazing boards for the BBQ - Serving ideas for kids

Seriously! This is an amazing and underestimated board that will capture not only the hearts of your kids, but also the kid in you. Having a backyard BBQ or picnic? Next time, think about the spread and how you want to capture it. Simple and sleek with an invited rustic feel. Who does not love the simple perks of an outdoor grill out. Now take your charcuterie skills and put them to the test!


You have got this! Trust in your knowledge of what motivates you whether it’s flavors, smells, visual imagery, or all of those things combined. Do not be afraid of imperfections as in most cases it will only be you that ever notices. The best advice for getting into building your own grazing and charcuterie masterpieces is to just do it. If there is one thing we love at Pro-Direct, it is bring joy to our family and friends. So, go out there and get cracking.

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