Best Gifts for a Craft Beer Lover

Beautiful summer day and all you can think about is grabbing a pint of your favorite craft beer and hitting the evening with a few good friends. Hitting the local brewery or pub is certainly an option, but how about those moments where park, beach, or backyard BBQ is the trick. When we think about our craft beer enthusiasts, we want to provide the bar feel from anywhere. That is why we have highlighted this perfect gift collection for the craft beer lover in your life.

Growler tap beer dispenser with growler and soapstone pencil


Full frothy beverage flowing from the growler in a feel-good way. This is the boss for the home beer lover as it provides the gateway to the bar feel from the side of your recliner. Sit back during the next game with your favorite local or home brew and serve yourself in effortless class. This set includes the tap, 64oz growler, cap, and a soapstone pencil so you can label your tap. It’s time to show some love to your beer loving friends with this bad boy!

Wooden Beer flight with two-tiered base 4 beer glasses and soapstone pencil


As a military aircraft mechanic, my slogan is “Every successful flight starts with maintenance”. We are a breed that works hard and plays harder, and suspect you know someone of similar caliber. Aligning with the craft brew enthusiast, it’s all about feel and atmosphere. No better way to relax than to poor a flight of your favorites down the line and bring the luxury beer flight experience wherever you want to go. Comes with a two-tiered serving tray, 4 beer glasses, and a soapstone pencil.

Waxed Canvas 6-pack beer cooler caddy with metal bottle opener


Talk about walking in with a sense of quaint class. Beer never looked so elegant! Made from waxed canvas, this fold over insulated 6-pack tote will allow you to pick up your favorite collections from the local store, market, brewery, or shop. Load up and hit the destination of your choice and watch the heads turn as you showcase exterior beauty with beer bliss. Comes with insulated cooler, removable padded cover, steel bottle opener with retractable cord.

Waxed canvas growler tote with lace up straps & 64 oz growler


Look at us coming in clutch with the sleek and chic. Bringing the continued quality waxed canvas design with this lace up growler carry bag is the perfect on the go beer caddy. Experience the outdoors and become one with nature, while also remembering self-care while sipping back on your favorite local brew! Comes with a 64oz growler and is by far the best insulated growler on the go setup around. Expect a hug and a tear with this perfect brewery lover gift!

Acacia wood pilsner glass gift set with cork coasters bottle opener and dove hinged case


Last but certainly not least is the pilsner gift set made from acacia wood. Easily customizable with some vinyl or inlays if you have a DIY attitude towards gift giving. Beautiful dovetail joinery, slide open the removable panel door to reveal delux beer service for two. This set includes two 12oz flute beer glasses, two real cork beverage coasters, and a bottle opener. All showcased and secured with a form-fitting interior. The Pilsner Glass Gift Set is and attractive addition to any aficionado’s den.